Use of Emerging Technologies for SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)

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February 25, 2024
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March 3, 2024

“Use of Emerging Technologies for SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)”:

Welcome & Opening Remarks IPIP Intro video
Intro Panelists

  • what is (Sustainable Development Goals)SDG’s
  • Is this some sort of Framework, if it is; is any sort of authority that issues compliance
  • Is this a responsibility of individuals, the Private sector or the government sector
  • How can an individual or any firm be a part of this, registration process
  • What IT Technologies we are using in respect to SDG
  • How we will benefit from Digital technology Transformation concerning SDG
  • As per our fireside chat topic “Use of emerging technologies for SDGs”, how SDG 9 specifies industry innovation and infrastructure, So how the tech companies create business goals towards SDG 9,
  • As per the current tracking report from UNO, only 15 % are on track towards achieving the goals of SDG. How the Pakistani ICT sector working toward digital transformation at govt and private levels to achieve 2030 goals.
  • What is the progress of SDG in Pakistan, any statistics as per individual goals
  • How the Private Sector can contribute
  • What do you suggest for ICT professionals of Ireland, How to participate in these areas in Pakistan?
  • Even the Diaspora in Ireland designing and developing new products could tag it towards the SDG goals like in healthcare, Agriculture and education.
  • What is AI for a layman?
  • How AI will help in this
  • How should we prepare as a nation for Quantum Computing, is it early or the right time for the SDG goals?
  • What you are predicting for cryptography, BioEngineering, metaVerse and IoT in the era of Quantum Computing ?
  • How chatGPT is going to change the habits
  • If we have to connect, whom should we contact in Pakistan
  • Do you recommend any particular training/certification to learn these skills?
  • Live QA
  • How Irish Pakistani ICT professional (iPIP) could collaborate with Pakistan IT think tank to synchronise the global technological adoption.

Our Panelists

  • Ammar Jaffri- Director General at Center of Information Technology ( CIT)
    Formal Additional DG FIA
    Leading initiatives at the National ( Pakistan ) and International Levels
    Digital Pakistan ( Development through Emerging Technologies Till Last Mile ( Rural Incubation Centres) Using SDGs Road Map ( ) / ( )
    Cyber Secure Pakistan ( ) /
  • Sabir Raza- CTO Tech20four(Pvt) Ltd (
    Ex-Head of IT, Port Qasim Authority

Our Moderator

Nawaz Zai– Principal Consultant at  zaiTEC Logixs(


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