How to secure your IoT devices and applications

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November 9, 2023
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“How to secure your IoT devices and applications”:

  1. What is SCA?
    1. Why is open-source software being used?
    2. How can open-source software integrated within applications be managed?
    3. What are the risks associated with it?
    4. What is SCA?
    5. What is open-source risk compliance?
  2. Vulert
    1. What is Vulert?
    2. How is Vulert different?
    3. How is the Vulert Vulnerability Database unique?
    4. Can Vulert be integrated with CI/CD tools?
    5. Can Vulert be integrated with SIEM tools?
    6. Who else is using Vulert?
    7. Which programming languages do you support?
    8. Can you set up Vulert for customers?
  3. IoT Firewall
    1. Introduction to Thingz Eye Firewall
    2. What are the unique features ?
    3. How is it different from competitors?
    4. Demo video
    5. Who are the right customers?
  4. Q&A
    1. Q&A for attendees related to the topic of the webinar

Our Panelists

  • Dr. Ghalib A Shah- Dr. Ghalib A Shah, Dr Shah has extensive experience in cyber security in both academia and industry. He is a founder of Thingz Eye Private Ltd which offeres services and solutions for IoT security
  • Dawood Ikhlaq- Dawood Ikhlaq, CEO of Vulert, excels in cybersecurity with a focus on Application Security & Threat Intel.

Our Moderator

Nawaz Zai– Principal Consultant at  zaiTEC Logixs(


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