Our Philosophy

Building Your Skills Set

Today, A college or university degree – preferably the highest possible – is sometimes indispensible. High level formal education will remain valuable for today as well as in future. But, it is important to mention that more and more prominent employers are looking mostly for skills, learning ethics, and creativity. These companies are now NO LONGER requiring a college degree for an interview but LOOKING FOR SKILLS SET for assessing a candidate. 

IPIP understand the problem facing currently by the fresh candidates as well as experienced job seekers. We came up with the idea to SHAPE YOUR CAREER WITH OUR TRAININGS and SHARPEN YOUR SKILL WITH OUR MENTORSHIP PROGRAMM

Our Mentorship start from Basic knowledge to Advance building set. However, it is not END here, We also prepare our STARS to SHINE in their professional Interviews. Our Mentorship domains are as follows:

  1. Software and Business Application 
  2. Coding Language like Python 
  3. Project Management 
  4. Emerging technologies like AI, IoT and Robotics
  5. Information Security, GRC and Audit
  6. Infrastructure Administration (Active & Passive)
  7. Interview Preparations

We also conduct customized training for corporate sectors. For queries contact us.

Instructor Led Trainings