Unlock employment opportunities: Mastering SOFT SKILLS for job seekers

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February 25, 2024

Unlock employment opportunities: Mastering SOFT SKILLS for job seekers

Do you encounter the following challenges when facing an interview?

  • Nervousness about answering technical questions during the interview,
  • A deep concern that you are not qualified for the role you are applying,
  • Inadequate time management for preparing for the interview,
  • Feel confused about which resources to use for interview preparation,
  • Struggle with communicating your ideas or uncertain about handling questions from the interviewers,
  • Technical difficulty with online interview tools.
  • And many more


    • Interview Excellence: A Roadmap to Landing Your Dream Job
    • Mastering the Art of Silent Communication: Deciphering Body
    • Language
    • Interactive Workshops and Activities
    • Q&A Session with Industry Experts

Our Panelists

  • G.K.K. Singh- Director of the Asian Institute of Quality Management
    B. Tech (Silver Medallist), master’s in business administration (MBA), and Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, with long work experience in MNCs like Johnson & Johnson Ltd. and Horstmann Gauge & Metrology Ltd.
  • Waseem Yousaf – Product Manager at Mastercard

Our Moderator

Nawaz Zai– Principal Consultant at  zaiTEC Logixs( www.zaitech.ie)


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