Financial Strategies and Tips to increase your personal wealth byu Peter Reilly

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IPIP Fireside Chat on Financial Strategies and Tips to increase your personal wealth


Peter Reilly
Certified Financial Planner – CFP

1. Protecting your financial future and how Saving Money can cost you a fortune!
2. 5% Game Changer – case study showing how strategies can generate €1.3m in 10 years from a 5% turnover increase of a €300k t/o business
3. How to make your Pension affordable and worthwhile – simple wealth-making tips that make sense whether you’re an employee, a contractor, or a business owner
4. How Business Protection Planning protects your Business and your interests and those you care for inside and outside your business
5. How a Business Exit and Succession Plan can boost your business and personal wealth- and how to do one.
Including information and strategies on:
• How to plan a better financial future from where you are right now
• How to efficiently protect family and personal Income
• Free money from employers and a helping-hand from the Taxman
• Making compounding work for you
• Getting positive investment gains even in volatile up-and-down markets

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