Finance and Wealth Management for IT sector

Instructor-Led React Hackathon
September 16, 2021
iPIP- Python for Data Science Bootcamp
November 7, 2021

Our upcoming fireside chat “Finance and wealth management for IT sector” on 4th July will have live QA but feel free to fill in the following survey to help us better personalize this session upfront for your needs. We will give priority to the questions receive prior to the webinar.

  • IPIP Intro & Context Building: Past, Present & Future.
  • Why It Matters.
  • Managing tax for tech startups.
  • Pension options for IT contractors.
  • Managing tax for IT contractors.
  • Pension options for IT employees
    Moving home Country.
  • Tax for remote working.
  • Live QA

Our Panelists

Bredan Kelly,

Irfan Hameed,

Our Moderator

Ahmed Abdulwakeel


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