Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

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May 6, 2023
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May 31, 2023

“Data Analytics and Business Intelligence: From Insights to Actionable Decisions”:

  1. Understanding Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
    1. Key concepts of data analytics and business intelligence
    2. Importance of data analytics and business intelligence in making informed business decisions
    3. The difference between descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics
    4. The benefits of combining data analytics with business intelligence tools
  2.  From Data to Insights
    1. The data analytics process: data collection, cleaning, exploration, analysis, and interpretation.
    2. Common data analytics techniques, such as regression analysis, clustering, and machine learning.
    3. Examples of insights derived from data analytics.
  3. From Insights to Actionable Decisions
    1. How insights can be turned into actionable decisions.
    2. The importance of data visualization and communication in presenting insights to decision-makers.
    3. The role of business intelligence tools in facilitating decision making.
    4. Examples of actionable decisions made from insights.
  4. Best Practices and Pitfalls
    1. Best practices for implementing data analytics and business intelligence in organizations.
    2. Common pitfalls to avoid when implementing data analytics and business intelligence.
    3. The importance of continuous improvement and learning in data analytics and business intelligence.
  5. Q&A
    1. Q&A for attendees related to the topic of the webinar.
  6. Conclusion
    1. Summary of the key takeaways from the webinar & Thanks Note.

Our Panelists

Ishtaiq Khurshi- Senior Project Manager, Head of PMO,

Our Moderator

Ehsan Elahi– Foinding Directory EZIT Technologies Ltd

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